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Brick Fest Live! A Fun Review

Visit Brick Fest Live! for a fun afternoon of building, playing, shopping, and family time.  Our experience was a win with time together and lots of creativity and Master building time.
Visit Brick Fest Live! for a fun afternoon of building, playing, shopping, and family time.  Our experience was a win with time together and lots of creativity and Master building time.

A few weeks ago we were given tickets from US Family Guide to visit Brick Fest Live!  Since Dear Hubby and the boys are HUGE Lego fans, I was so excited to be able to go.

Brick Fest was clear up in Denver, which is a two hour drive for us, so it was a good thing it went on the whole weekend with lots of time slots.  It was hard to find a time to get up there and visit, but we made it to the last session on Sunday afternoon.  And thanks to that, we were lucky to not have to deal with any crowds.  A major bonus to any family activity.

One of the neatest things about Legos is the ability to make just about anything with them.  I am so impressed with all the Master Builders that had their creations on display.  They had entire towns with moving parts and intricate details.

They had tables with amazing creations from favorite TV shows, movies, and the Master Builders' imagination.

There was even a tent with Glow in the Dark creations using building blocks that I've never seen before.  The imagination and creations were super exciting and made my boys want to start building right away.

So it was a good thing that there were lots of locations for them to build away.

Just inside the door was a fun station for the boys to start building Legos.  There were green base plates about 6 inch square and containers full of 1 square Legos.  I think we spent almost an hour at this station building our creations.  I admit, even Dear Hubby and I got in on the fun.

When you were done with your Lego square, you could put it on the huge wall behind the station.  It was inspiring to see how creative people could get with just a few bricks and a square.  There were hearts, and names, and minecraft inspired pictures, as well as Zelda swords and fun flowers and houses.

Since we arrived an hour after the session had started, we didn't have a lot of competition to sit down and create, but we did have a hard time finding enough of the colored bricks to create our master pieces.  It was especially hard when you were looking for a ton of the same color brick.  Mini Me wound up running to some of the other tables and bringing us back the colors that we needed.

After having played there a while, we moved on to look at all the other stations.  There were corners where you could build and add your creations to a growing city, you could build directly on the walls in some areas, and if you had little ones, there was even a place for you to let them play with the larger blocks so they weren't left out.

There were lots of stations where you could play with Legos in other ways.  The center of the room consisted of several TVs and game consoles with just about every Lego game available.  Surprisingly, my boys were too into building and playing the other stations that we didn't even play on the games.  (Talk about a win right there!)

They did play a round of Lego mini golf, but I'm not sure either of them were too impressed really.  It was a neat idea, but the line was a little long and you stood around a lot only to shoot on a 4 foot hole.  There were probably 10 holes in all, but you just hit the ball, knocked it into the hole, picked it up, stood in line and did it again.  Not too exciting.  Maybe if your kids are younger than mine, they may get a kick out of it, but mine weren't impressed.

We were thrilled that the Lego mini golf was located right next to the TV area.  It meant we got to sit down while the boys played golf.  The TV was showing Lego shorts form YouTube so we weren't too thrilled with that, but it was nice to just sit since there wasn't a lot of places for parents.  I heard there were Trivia games at points during the day at the TV area, but we missed both of them so I don't know how that worked out.

Around the room, there were lots of vendors with Lego items for sale.  If you are a collector or if you are looking for a specific Lego character, this is the place to go.  There were so many of them.  We weren't looking for any of that, so we just skimmed the areas, until I found this Lego rose.  We had to buy it and add it to our collection.  (I'm a sucker that way.)

The boys did get stuck at the car building section of the room.  You were given about 5 minutes to create a Lego car with any of the pieces you wanted.  Then you took the cars and raced them down ramps.  It was fun to see the shapes and styles my boys came up with and to see which of them worked and which were duds.  I think they would have stayed at this station for a long while if they could have.  The lines weren't too long for it, but it was probably the longest anywhere in the room.

At the end of the room, was a large mat with thousands and thousands and thousands or red bricks.  By the time we had made it to the end of the show, the boys were ready to sit and build again.  Daredevil sat down right in the middle of the station and proceeded to create a sword and shield, while Mini Me build a tower taller than his 6 foot 6 inch dad.

We had a good time at Brick Fest Live! but I admit, it was a little bit of a let down for Dear Hubby and I.  I think we thought there would be more to it.  I'm not sure exactly what we were hoping for, but after about 3 hours, we were more than done.  The boys loved the building stations and could have stayed in the red brick area for a few more hours if we would have let them.

All in all, it was a fun day.  Was it worth the $25 a ticket?  I'm not sure.  Would we go again? Probably.  Are the boys still raving about it?  Totally.  Are we buying more Legos and building more right now?  Definitely.  So I guess, it was a win.

Visit Brick Fest Live! for a fun afternoon of building, playing, shopping, and family time.  Our experience was a win with time together and lots of creativity and Master building time.

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