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Bleeding Brain Cake Balls and Halloween Tag Printable

Serve some Bleeding Brain cake balls at your Halloween party. Your guests will be amazed at these yummy cake balls with a gooey center that looks like a oozing, bloody brain.  Add a free printable Halloween tag and you have the perfect treat.

Serve some Bleeding Brain cake balls at your Halloween party. Your guests will be amazed at these yummy cake balls with a gooey center that looks like a oozing, bloody brain.  Add a free printable Halloween tag and you have the perfect treat.

A few years ago, I discovered the most AAHH-mazing site for Halloween treats ever.  I think when I found Beth's blog Hungry Happenings, I spent a good 3 hours reading every post and inviting myself to all of her holiday parties.  Thanks to my husband's strong "No Stalking" policy, I haven't actually shown up at Beth's house yet, but everytime I read a new post, I feel like I'm there.

So when she posted her great cake ball brains recipe, I knew I had to try it.  I think I went and ordered the Brain Ice Cube Chocolate Tray Molds* from Amazon that very day, but of course, Amazon doesn't have same day delivery, and back then I wasn't smart enough to have Amazon prime, so I had to sit and wait.

I ended up waiting a year.

As Halloween rolled around and I started planning my Witch's Cupboard dessert table, I knew the Bleeding brain cake balls were going to show up at the party.

You can find Beth's cake ball brains recipe here, but here are a few tips and tricks I figured out while making them.
Smuckers Strawberry Topping as Brain Blood

When I was trying to coat my Brain Ice Cube Chocolate Tray Molds*, I kept having the White Chocolate Melts* run down the sides and into the center of the brain.  I ended up with a thin coating of chocolate on the sides and a thick coating in the center.  I decided to wait a while and let my White Chocolate* thicken a little.  It was much easier to coat the mold then.  The chocolate stayed in place better.

I used Smucker's Strawberry Flavored Topping* for my brain blood.  I thought the strawberry flavor would go perfect with the chocolate cake flavor.  Plus, the small pieces of strawberry in the sauce made it look like clotted blood a little.  It just added another layer of "creepiness."

Bleeding Brain Cake Balls
I packaged my bleeding brains into individual sized 4x6 inch bags with orange and black bows on top.  I'm hoping this will help each brain to stay a little fresher.  By doing this and adding some cute Halloween tags, this would be a fun trunk or treat sweet to give all the trick or treaters in your neighborhood.

In fact, I like that idea so much, I had to create up a few Halloween tag printables that you can use to decorate your brain balls with.
Halloween Tag Printable by Kims Kandy Kreations

Good luck with your cake balls!

Cake Ball Brains by Hungry HappeningsBleeding Brain Cake Balls by Kims Kandy Kreations
   Original Pin by Hungry Happenings           Bloody Brain Balls 


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  8. Thanks everyone for the great comments! These have been a big hit and a yummy treat.

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