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What's Up Doc? October Store Update

I have not been very good about getting new things into the store lately.  It seems that everything I've been designing lately has been a free printable.  I love that.  I love sharing things with you guys and giving you ways to make your parties and the everyday a little more fun.

But I'm also realizing that Christmas is coming and I'm not ready!  Am I the only one?  So I need to start adding some fun new projects, crafts, printables, and gift ideas to the store.  And it seems the only way to do that is to make myself be accountable with new products in a blog update each month.

I didn't get a lot done this month, and what I did was inspired by the Halloween holiday and the Fandom of the Month club.

That's a new club that I've recently discovered that I have fallen in love with.  Each month is a new theme with jewelry and fun items celebrating a different theme.  Last month was Super Mario Brothers and this month was Percy Jackson.  Since my boys and I are reading the new Magnus Chase book, we had a lot of inspiration with Percy this month.  (Can't wait for the big anniversary month in November for some super fun!)

Anyway, here's the new items that I have in the store for this month.

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