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A Thanksgiving Tree

It is not unusual to see pictures of bare trees with thankful leaves being added throughout the month of November. Every year our Giving Tree looks a little different but we always make it a central part of our lives. What kind of tree do you have? 
One of the things that makes our tree different (besides its size) is its not just about counting our blessings. Its also about showing our thanks through actions. The amount of activities vary since Thanksgiving is always on a different day but this year, it consists of 4 weeks of focused thanks. 

Week 1: Acknowledging our Blessings

This is the easy part and lots of fun. Cut out lots of leaves, set outs some pens and pencils, and watch the tree fill up. Our tree is special with two types of leaves (oak and maple) and lots of colors. You could assign one color per person or a type of leaf per team if you want to have a little friendly competition. My kids usually claim a certain spot on the tree. I used to make the rule of no repeats but I stopped because why shouldn't they acknowledge that blessing just because someone else already did-it is important to each of them in a different way. I use cookie cutters for my leaf templates but if you need one, here are some great ones to use.

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