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Thanksgiving Turkey Chocolate Caramel Apples

Use a yummy caramel apple to make a fun and edible Thanksgiving Turkey out of chocolate to sweeten up your Thanksgiving Dinner celebration.

Thanksgiving Turkey Caramel Apples by Kims Kandy Kreations

After all the fun we had making and eating our Skull Chocolate Caramel Apples, I knew we had to make a few more before the caramel apple season passed.  So when I was laying awake at 2:00 am the other night, these Turkey chocolate caramel apples were born.  (Am I the only one that does all her best brainstorming at night while laying in bed?  I have to keep a notebook beside my bed to write poems and ideas down and hope that I can decipher and read them the next morning enough to remember what I was thinking.)

These turkeys aren't hard to make, just a little time consuming and they require a bit of chocolate and soft hands.  But they sure look super cute when they are completed and would make a great Thanksgiving party favor or sitting at a table setting or just a fun treat for someone you love.

Easy way to make caramel apples with Caramel wraps
I started by using the Concord Caramel Apple Wraps that I found in the fruit section of Walmart.  These make wrapping caramel apples so incredibly easy that even I can do them.  After the apples are wrapped, I dipped them in a bowl of melted Milk Chocolate Candy Cocoa Melts to cover the caramel.

Chocolate turkey feathers
While the apples were drying, I made myself a 2 inch by 4 inch oval template and placed it under some wax paper.  Then I took a few Red Chocolate Candy Melts and melted them for 30 seconds in a Ziploc sandwich bag. After snipping off a small corner, it was easy to trace to circle to have even turkey feathers.

White Chocolate Turkey Feathers
I used the remaining chocolate in the bag to fill in the inside of the turkey feather.  Then using a sucker stick, skewer, or edge of spoon, I smeared the chocolate in to fill the feather completely and smoothly.  It helped to pick up the wax paper and tap it down a little so that the chocolate smoothed out.  If it becomes a little stiff to work with, you can put it in the microwave for 10 seconds on 50% power to soften it up enough to smooth out nicely.

I made my feathers in red, orange, yellow, white, and green.  Once done, place the turkey feather in the refrigerator for a few minutes to harden up.  Be very careful while moving these feathers as they are VERY fragile.

Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Turkey Head
While waiting for the feathers to all dry, I used a Reeses peanut butter cup and some Wilton Candy Eyeballs to make the turkey's face.  The eyes are "glued" on with melted chocolate and the beak and waddle are made from red and orange melted chocolate.

Adding Chocolate Feathers to an Edible Turkey Dessert
Once all my turkey feathers were done, I carefully added a good glob of melted chocolate on the end of the feather I wanted in the middle and stuck it to the center of the back of the apple.  You will want to put the center feather on first and "glue" the others to that feather to keep them flat against the back of the turkey and not rounding around the sides.

Once again, be very careful as you glue them, because once they are on, its almost impossible to move them without all the feathers breaking and then you have to start completely over.  (Not that I would know from personal experience.)

Thanksgiving Turkey Dessert
I finished up by adding a glob of melted milk chocolate to the Reeses peanut butter face and sticking it on the front of the turkey.

Thanksgiving Turkey Chocolate Covered Caramel Apple

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