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Household Management Binder

I'm still working on getting myself organized for the new year.  It is so much easier to wear all the hats of a mom, a blogger, a party planner, a business woman, and a store owner once you find a system that works for you.  It took me many years, but I finally found a management system that keeps me on track and organized.
Household Management Binder at Kims Kandy Kreations

I know there have been a few Household Management binders on the web and Pinterest lately.  But I wanted to share mine so you had one more option to consider.
UPDATE: Many of you have emailed me asking for the printables for the binder.  I have shared them on a separate post you can find here: Household Management Binder Free Printables.  I hope that helps!
Household Management Binder with mailing supplies
I keep my household management binder in a 2 inch ring binder with colorful circles that I found at Walmart. It helps to have a little bit of color and happiness when you are paying bills and seeing all your money fly out the window.

I use a 3 ring pencil holder pouch to hold extra envelopes and stamps in the front of my binder.

Household Management Binder with Birthday Calendar
This year, my goal is to send birthday cards to all my nieces and nephews, so I created a birthday list to help me keep track of the birthdays each month.  I plan to send out the cards at the first and the middle of the month so I can win "super aunt" of the year.

Household Management Binder with Bill Information
Since I'm constantly losing my passwords, phone numbers, and account numbers, I decided to create a place to put all the information.  This way, I have all the log in information for all the bills, even those that I get entirely online.

Household Management Binder with Budget Tracker
The last informational sheet that I have in the front of my Household Management binder is a budget tracker.  I keep a lit of all the bills that I have each month, such as our electricity, gas, hulu, and student loans.  This way, I can see how the bills flex each month.

Household Management Binder with Receipt Holder
Each month is divided by 1-12 tab dividers.  I have a envelope in the front to hold all the important receipts for each month.  

Household Management Binder with Bill Calendar
Following that is a monthly calendar with all the bills written by date and amount due.  When the bill comes in the mail, I write out the amount on the due date.  Since my husband gets paid bi-monthly, this way I can see at a glance which bills need to be paid with each paycheck.

Household Management Binder with Bill Organization
Then the bill is placed behind the calendar.  When I've paid it, I write out the confirmation number, the date, and how much I paid on the bill.  I've had companies claim they haven't gotten my payments before, so I always keep these numbers handy.

Household Management Binder with Menu Calendar

The last form that I keep in each monthly section is a dinner menu.  I plan out 30 days of meals and then use that to go shopping.  I try to keep in mind the different activities that happen each month, such as Youth Activities on Tuesday nights.  I don't have much time to come home and cook dinner after work before they need to head off, so I try and do crock pot meals on Tuesdays.  But I don't plan specific meals for certain days.  When we eat a meal from the calendar, I cross it off so I know not to choose that one again.

This household management binder has been a lifesaver for me.  It helps me to keep all my bills on track and paid on time.  More importantly, it gives me a place to put them so I don't lose the bills when I come in from work and set them down.

How do you keep on track?  Do you use a binder system?  Or something else?


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I've been trying to find a system that works for me, but I haven't found exactly what works for me yet. It helps to see what other people do.

  2. Saw you at Livin the Mom Life. I love your binder system, I should really try to create one like that too, especially with the birthday list and bill list!

  3. I keep thinking starting a binder then don't keep using it...I know if it would help if I would stick with it. Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a great planner!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  5. love this idea thinking about changing my folder just a bit I like a few things you do
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  7. Thank you. I have a similar binder, which I need to update. Your planner is great!

  8. Genius! I need some organization like this in my life! :)

    I just started a new blog, Nesting & Naps, and I am hoping to jump start my followers. I would love for you to stop by and visit! :)

    Visiting again soon,
    Sarah @

  9. This looks like a great system! Totally pinning this, and I wanted to let you know I featured this on my blog this morning; thanks for sharing it at Creativity Unleashed!