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Easter Coloring Page Candy Bar Wrapper Free Printable

Easter Coloring Page Candy Bar Wrapper

My kids want to give their teachers gifts for EVERY holiday.  And while I totally appreciate all their teachers do for them and would love to be able to go all out showing my support, I find it a bit expensive to come up with gifts all the time.  Plus, do their teachers REALLY want so many nic nacs and apples?

Probably not.

But who can turn down chocolate?  And a fun, artsy, "card" from my kids at the same time?
Totally WIN-WIN for both of us.

Easter Candy Bar Wrapper Coloring Page
So I created these coloring page Hershey candy bar wrappers for my kids to give out for the Easter holiday.

I started by making these coloring pages in a size that would fit a regular 1.5 ounce Hershey candy bar.  I made two different designs and then printed them out on regular white paper.

Coloring an Easter Color Page Candy Bar Wrapper
Mini Me had a great time coloring his Easter candy bar wrapper.  I left space on his so he could write his teacher a little to and from note.

Easter Candy Bar Wrappper Printable
On mine, I wasn't as creative.  But it was still a lot of fun.  I forget how much fun the basics of art can be sometimes.

Easter Hershey Candy Bar
Then, I used the basics of candy bar wrapping that I showed you HERE to wrap the Hershey bar.
Now it's ready to be given away in an Easter basket, as a teacher gift, or for some lovely sisters at church.

Easter Hershey Candy Bar Wrapper Free Printable
Here is the wrapper with both of the bars on one page, and below is each of the wrappers individually.  Just right click and save these easter candy bar wrappers to your computer.

Easter Egg Candy Bar Wrapper Free PrintableEaster Bunny Hershey Candy Bar Wrapper Free Printable
Easter Basket filled with Candy

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