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Disney Party Easy Mantel Decorations

Decorate for your Disney party using mantel decorations that you can create easily.

I've been working lately on organizing my bedroom to be a Fairy Tale themed room.  I am hoping that it will bring a little romance back into our lives after 4 kids and 20+ years of marriage.

But when I decided to surprise my kids with a Disney party to announce our Disney plans this summer, I knew I needed to go all out and decorate the whole house with Disney party decorations.  So I grabbed some of my decorations and moved them out to the living room mantel.

If you are looking for an easy way to dress up a room or a party, have you ever looked at using themed calendars?  This January I found this Thomas Kinkaid Disney calendar on clearance and loved the beautiful pictures.

Using an X-acto knife, it was easy to separate the months and frame the pictures as a cheap decoration.  The calendar pictures fit almost perfectly in a Record Album frame.  There's a little gap, but I just used the back of the frame's picture to make a border for my calendars.

Normally, these pictures hang in my bedroom, but using some staggering they fit beautifully on my mantel and show off the fun Disney theme.

I don't have very many of them yet, but I am slowly increasing my Disney Funko Pop characters and do have Snow White from Once Upon A Time.  So she was added to the Disney mantel.

I also have several items from our Disney fundraiser a few years ago, so Chip the Teacup, Maleficent the Dragon, and Lumiere the candlelabra all made it onto my Disney mantel.

I may still add a few more items before we splurge the big news, but for now, I love the Disney party mantel and can't wait to splurge on the fun.

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