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GREAT Coupon Deals for the REAL Mom

When you are raising a family, it can get expensive.  So it's nice to be able to save a penny or two so you can enjoy a little more.  But who has time for the power shopping of the big sites?
When you are raising a family, it can get expensive.  So it's nice to be able to save a penny or two so you can enjoy a little more.  But who has time for the power shopping of the big sites?

Here are a few good deals I found and actually used this week.  If you act fast (sometimes these deals can go super fast), you should be able to enjoy a little extra jingle in your pocket so you can spend a little more on the celebrations in life.

Office Depot: 16 pack of AA or AAA Duracell Batteries
  • Visit Ebates to sign in to your account (or set up a new one if you don't have one already)
  • Go through Office Depot link to get 3% cash back
  • Add two 16 count AA Duracell batteries to your shopping cart.
  • Add two 16 count AAA Duracell batteries to your shopping cart
  • Sign in to your Office Depot account to get rewards back
  • Ship to your house to avoid paying for gas to local store
  • Check out
  • Wait up to 5 weeks and get $55.92 back in Rewards
Duracell Batteries AA pack              13.99 x 2  =  27.98
Duracell Batteries AAA pack           13.99 x 2  =  27.98
Total                                                                   =  55.96
Ebates Cash Back                               -3%             - 1.68
Office Depot Rewards                      13.98 x 4   =  -55.92
Total Cost for 64 batteries           +1.64

CVS: M&M Candies

  • Visit Swagbucks to sign in or create an account
  • Visit the coupon area to print out your coupons and get 10 points per coupon used
  • Go to your local CVS where they have single MandM candies for 0.88 each.
  • Add 1 of your favorite flavor MandM candy to your basket and 1 MandM Crispy candy.
  • Use your reward card and coupon to check out.
MandM Crispy Single Candy              = 0.88
MandM Plain/Peanut Single Candy    =  0.88
Total                                                 =  1.76
Printable Coupon                                 -0.88
Swagbucks                                 10 points
Total Cost for 2 single candy bars        -0.88

Buy 1 M&Ms Get 1 M&Ms Crispy Chocolate Free

Rite Aid: Gain Laundry Detergent

Gain Laundry Detergent (50 ounce)            =  4.94
Total                                                             =  4.94
Online Coupon with Card                               -2.00
Total Cost for 50 ounce Laundry Soap       -2.94

Walgreens: Irish Spring 6 pack Soap

Irish Spring 6 pack Soap                      =   3.49
Total                                                     =   3.49
Store Coupon                                       =  -1.00
Register Rewards                                    =  -1.00      
Total Cost for 6 bars of soap           - 1.49             

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