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3 Christmas Gift Box Ideas and Dare to Share Saturday

It's one more week before Christmas!

Are you in the midst of all the fun?  After all, school's out now and we are just partying for the rest of the year!  I think we are all super excited to be done with school and are now going to enjoy spending time with family.

We are actually heading to Texas as we speak so I can spend time with parents and older kids.  I don't know how many more years we are going to be able to do this, so we are taking every moment and enjoying the most with it.

I've learned how to make Christmas a little easier through the years when I'm traveling, but I do still need to figure out a few gifts.  It's so hard when your kids are away and you don't know what they have and what they don't yet.  So I'm still looking for a few more Christmas gift ideas.

Fortunately, you guys shared a bunch at last week's Dare to Share.  If you missed them checked out these 3 Christmas gift box ideas.

Make a Beauty Sample Gift Box by Citizen's of Beauty

Gingerbread Decorating Gift Box by Just Measuring Up

Teen Wellness Gift Idea by Mrs Chee-Chee

If you have any great ideas for a 19 year old and 20 year old semi-independent kid---please let me know!  It's driving me crazy.

My friend and co-host Pam from Pam's Party and Practical Tips started her Christmas partying too.  She had a fun Elf Themed Christmas Cookie party that you definitely need to go check out asap.

I can't wait to see what you've been up to this week!

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