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Smile! You Are Loved Lifesaver Candies

Give a smile to a friend or stranger with these fun smile circle stickers perfect for lifesaver candies.  These are the perfect way to spread some love and happiness on National I Want You to Be Happy Day and beyond.
Today is National I Want You To Be Happy day.

What an awesome holiday idea.

So often we get caught up in our own lives, our own wants, and our own needs, we don't look up around us.  And what a sad thing for us to emulate for our kids.

Today, I want to share an easy way to celebrate this holiday.

The best way to make someone happy is to let them know they are loved.

So print out these Smile circles, cut out with a one inch hole punch, and stick on some individually wrapped lifesaver candies.

Then pass out to everyone you know, everyone you meet, and maybe even leave a few at the the coffee shop...or the library and put a smile on a strangers face.

After all, with all the stress in our lives, we can all use a sweet smile and to feel loved.


  1. Very clever! I like that idea. I'm sure kids would love this activity :)

    Feel free to share at My Corner of the World

  2. I absolutely love this idea and need to find a way to do something similar! Just brilliant. The world definitely needs more of this! Thanks for sharing and linking up with me.