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Come Follow Me January 10-16


This week we are studying the story of Adam and Even and Cain and Able.  

To be honest, I got so carried away with the Garden of Eden story that I never even made it to Cain and Able's story.  

This whole week's study was a lesson on the tactics of Satan in trying to destroy our plan of happiness.

"The Garden of Eden was beautiful. But Adam and Eve needed something more than beautiful surroundings. They needed—and we all need—an opportunity to grow. Leaving the Garden of Eden was the necessary first step toward returning to God and eventually becoming like Him. That meant facing opposition, making mistakes, learning to repent, and trusting the Savior, whose Atonement makes possible progression and “the joy of our redemption”

"This is our story. Each of us will have an interaction where satan tried to get us to turn from what God has commanded us to do. And that can happen daily, it’s not just going to happen once."

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God is asking us:

"Where are you?" Where are you spiritually? Are you where you want to be?

"Where Goes Thou?" Which direction ae you facing? Why are you running and hiding from the only one who can actually solve this problem? What did the serpent tell you about me that would make you think I was the kind of father that you would want to fun from?"

"Let me cover you"  You tried to cover this and hide fromt his in your own way but let me do it for you."

Don't Miss this Podcast

(Satan) wasn’t able to make all God’s children forever miserable, but he can make us forever miserable. He couldn’t make God a liar, but he can try to make you a liar. He couldn’t make God’s word void, but he can make a void in your life where God belongs.

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