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Come Follow Me January 3-9

 Scriptorial Quotes to add to your study of the Creation in Genesis 1-2, Moses 2-3, and Abraham 4-5.

With the new year, comes a renewed desire to study the scriptures and find more direction for my life.

So I have spent this past week studying the story of the Creation found in Genesis 1-2, Moses 2-3, and Abraham 4-5.

I love to add beautiful quotes to my study inside my scriptures.  Here is a copy of this weeks quotes:

"Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are creators…they can make light shine in the darkest moments of our lives. They can form solid ground in the midst of life’s stormy seas. They can transform us into the beautiful creations we were meant to be."

Come Follow Me Manual

"God our Father has ears with which to hear our prayers. He has eyes with which to see our actions. He has a mouth with which to speak to us. He has a heart with which to feel compassion and love. He is real. He is living. We are his children, made in his image. We look like him, and he looks like us”

Thomas Monson (“I Know That My Redeemer Lives,” Ensign, Apr. 1990, 6).

“Think of it, brothers and sisters, even with their extensive longevity, stars are not immortal, but you are.” 

 --Neal A Maxwell

 See Abraham 4:2, Genesis 1:2, Moses 2:2:

“In the beginning, before it had taken up orbit around a source of light, the earth was empty, desolate, and dark. This seems a pretty good description of man’s state so long as he insists on living for himself, on his own terms, refusing to hearken to the light of Christ. 

“But the Spirit moved upon this darkness, and the earth moved into proximity with the light…Under the influence of this light and within the protective canopy of this air or spirit, the earth began to come to life. Isn’t this exactly what happens to us when we are nourished by the Spirit and bathed by the light? We, too, come to life, as it were, and begin to bring forth good fruit.”

 James L. Ferrell The Hidden Christ: Beneath the Surface of the Old Testament

"In showing this relationship, by a symbolic representation, God didn't say that woman was to be taken from a bone in the man's head that she should rule over him, nor from a bone in his foot that she should be trampled under his feet, but from a bone in his side to symbolize that she was to stand by his side, to be his companion, his equal, and his help meet in all their lives together."  

--George Albert Smith

"The creation was a process, a progression. Each day's new gift introduced because of the preperation of the day before; one building upon the other, line upon line, precept upon precept.

In Genesis we discover a godly pattern for growth and for becoming and for progression."

--Emily Belle Freeman

"From the story of creation we learn that our Father is just as interested in the day to day progress as He is in the finished product...we must remember that God never expected the results of day 6 on day 2. On day 2 he was thrilled with the results of day 2. He declared it "very good"...

What if exaultation is all about progression? Our God knows about line upon line. He sees where you have come from. He knows what you had to do to simply get through THIS day. If He were to whisper down from Heaven tonight as you drift off to sleep, do you know what I think He would tell you? You are already good."

--Emily Belle Freeman

It was probably a hard day for Jesus.

He had just been accused by the pharisees.
Questioned by a large group of people.
And had stones thrown at him.

He escaped from the crowd..
And went beyond Jordan.
To the place He had been baptized.
Where He heard God’s voice and made sacred covenants (John 10:40).
This seems to be a pattern for Christ.

After another particularly hard time with the pharisees, everyone else goes home (John 7:53). But Christ goes to the Mount of Olives (John 8:1).

According to Luke, this was Christ’s typical place He went to pray in Jerusalem (Luke 22:39).

This adds so much more meaning to the fact that, later on, He chose to pray and partake of the bitter cup in the Garden of Gethsemane, which is within the Mount of Olives.

It was a sacred spot for Him. A place where He has rested. A place where He had talked with God.

Jesus took time for solitude and silence.
He took time to slow down and listen.
He took time to be in sacred places.
…and He has done it since The Beginning.

On the seventh day, God rested.

Seven in the Bible means completion or perfection. I love the idea that rest is needed for us to be complete.

It isn’t something you do when you are weak, it’s something you need to be strong.
Rest has always been part of the plan, so make sure it’s part of yours, too.

I love this quote from Sharon Eubank,
“When you can’t give more, when you’ve gone beyond your ability to give, then sit still. Call on the Holy Ghost and angels to come to you. Be still and get full” Sharon Eubank
Don’t be afraid to stop.
To breath.
To be still.
And refill in a sacred place.

Christ needed rest when He created us, and we will need it to create anything meaningful as well.

Art by @rondicianniofficial

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