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Is Jurassic Quest Worth It? A Review

 Come visit with the dinosaurs in this family fun activity from Jurassic Quest.  

This weekend the Jurassic Quest adventure is coming to our town. I am so excited!

Last year a group advertising a "fun family dinosaur experience" came through our town, and it was so boring.  All it had was some plastic dinosaurs that you drove through the parking lot and looked at.  That was it.

So when I saw that this immersive, fun experience is coming, I had to put it on our family fun list this week.

If you want to check out this fun family activity, here's where else this Jurassic Quest activity will be.

Let me start off by saying we had a great time! 

We did purchase the Kids Unlimited Ticket for my 4 year old grandson.  This gave us admission to the attraction as well as the ability to do the extra activities.

If we didn't buy this, I'm not sure the event would have been worth it to be honest. 

There was a free part of the Jurassic Quest outside the building so if you wanted to go without paying a dime, then this would be a fun part with no extra stress to buy more stuff.

In the parking lot of the center where Jurassic Quest was held was a large tent.  Inside the tent were  activities that any dinosaur lover would enjoy. 

We got to dig for dinosaur bones in large tables of sand.

There was an inflatable bouncy house activity center with tunnels and window for the kids to run through and jump on.

There were dinosaur statues that the kids could climb up on (we ran out of time and didn't get to do this, so I'm not sure what else was involved there.)

There were two dinosaurs that you could take a ride on as they walked about 20 feet across the tent.  This was probably the four year old's favorite activity since he got to ride "Bumpy".

Once we went inside the building to Jurassic Quest, there are lots of dinosaur scenes that have plants and statues of different types of dinosaurs.  Each dinosaur has it's name and some interesting information about it.

The four year old ran around like a crazy kid when we first got there because he was so excited to see all the dinosaurs.  I think he might have been a bit overwhelmed at all of them.

But there was a scavenger hunt of sorts that was given out as you came into the building.  That was fun for us because it gave us things to look for and made for some fun picture opportunities.

Now if we were just paying for that, I'm not sure I would have felt we got our money's worth, but behind a curtain strung half way across the room, there was more.

(I do appreciate as a parent that they did try and separate that "some".  That way if you weren't doing the "extra" stuff, you could leave and not feel pressured.  It wasn't completely blocked so there was a good chance your kids would see it, but they did give it the good old "college try.")

Behind the curtain on the other half of the building was a free show that you could watch and help "train" the Velociraptor dinosaur.  When that was over, they brought out a baby triceratops that all the kids could pet and see.

There were also other activities that took the "unlimited" ticket or extra tickets that you could purchase.

The kids were able to:
  • "ride" a dinosaur
  • play in a jump activity area
  • jump on a dinosaur bouncy house
  • slide down an inflatable slide
  • craft a dinosaur out of paper plate and paper
  • have a photo opportunity riding a small dinosaur (that was free)
  • dig through a rock to find a dinosaur inside (we took ours home to do there since we ran out of time)

We had set aside 1-2 hours to go through Jurassic Quest.  We went on the last day of the even about 3 hours before it closed.

It was nice at that time because there wasn't a large group of people, especially once it hit the last hour.  The lines weren't long for any of the special activities and we got to take our time.  We only ran out of time when we went to the outside tent to play there.  

We were pretty surprised to have run out of time since we didn't think we would spend so much time and enjoy it so much.  But we did!

So, do I think Jurassic Quest was worth it?


But only if you spend the extra few dollars to get the unlimited pass for the kids and go at a time when you can relax and enjoy the experience.  They are only young once, and grow out of that dinosaur loving phase so fast.

Enjoy it while you will go extinct too fast.

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  1. This looks like a ton of fun. My son would probably enjoy going. But I don’t think this is close to where we live at. :(