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A Sweet Way To Spend The Day

Okay, so I should have been doing a hundred different things yesterday. Everything from cleaning house to catching up on my blogs (I'm only 4 months behind) to starting taxes to catching up on tv this week, but I didn't. The kids were all home and inside yesterday. Which meant there wasn't an open computer or room anywhere in the house. And that is saying something since I have a pretty big house.

So instead, I moved all my stuff up into the kitchen and spent several hours making candy bouquets. It allowed me to be in the middle of my kids without being in the middle of them. It was nice. And I've got a few done for the Valentine holiday. And it turned what could have been a stressful day on top of my kids into a sweet, and productive, day.

Here are a few:

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  1. They look great Kim! I've always been impressed with your creativity and talent. Now I need to go and satisfy my chocolate craving!