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A Sweet Treat for your Super Football Party

I'm a Texan at heart...born and bred that way.  Just from saying that, you know I love my football.  I love to watch it.  I love to play it.  I love to decorate for it....and since other Texans feel the same way, I have lots of ideas for party favors for your Super Bowl or Football themed party.

These Football Cupcake Wrappers are as rough and tumble as your football player.  Cut from black cardstock, these wrappers have different players playing around the inside.

We also have cupcake helmet wrappers in both NFL teams (and available in other designs upon request) to make your cupcake look like the helmet of your favorite player or team.

These fun Football Gum heads are made from fun foam and cardstock. Gum heads have a football helmet head, which can come in any team color you desire.  Each football player holds a 5 pack of gum in your favorite flavor. 
Personalize your team with any of our personalized Name Plaques, or just go with a football field background.

And definitly not least, we can make your favorite team into a Hershey Candy Bar Favor.  We dress up the front of this favor with your favorite team's jersey while the back can be personalized with any saying you desire!
Now available in the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers!

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  1. Hi there. I'm in Australia and while our football is different to your 'football', I LOVE the cupcake wrappers at the top of your post and am hoping you still have them available?!

    With thanks