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How to Wrap a Candy Bar Wrapper Tutorial

So now you've purchased a great wrapper to cheer your Super Bowl football team on. 

You want to make it look it's best as you wrap it around your favorite candy bar to inspire your team to victory and your guests to enjoy a Super party!

We are sharing a detail step by step picture direction to help you win the Big one!

How to wrap a Everyday Parties candy wrapper

Purchase your choice of a 1.55 oz Hershey candy bar, any flavor or a 1.55 oz Nestle Crunch candy bar.

Place candy bar in the middle of back of foil wrapper.

Wrap top and bottom of foil around bar.

Fold both ends of foil sides towards candy bar like a t-pee. Do not fold ends toward bars yet.

Lay your Kims Kandy Kreations candy wrapper on top of your foil-covered candy bar.

Align the front and sides of the wrapper so it is centered on foil bar.
You can fold the end without graphics over the bar to make sure it's centered.

While holding the bar and foil together, flip over.
Align the back of the wrapper so the bottom of the bar is straight.

Run tape or glue along the inside of the long end of the wrapper.

Press securely along edge to seal bar.

Push bar slightly out of wrapper on one side. Fold other end towards bar and slide wrapper back on.

Repeat for other side.

Enjoy your bar!

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