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Super Bowl Football Party

The Super Bowl is coming!  The Super Bowl is coming!

We are getting ready by preparing and setting up our Sweets table now.
(Who says we are a little eager?)

To help you prepare for your Big game day, we are sharing our pictures and ideas!

We started off using 2 green table cloths from Walmart.
For the background, we used white duck tape and made lines running up and down the tablecloth to resemble a football field.

Since we have no allegiance to either team, the left side of the table was dedicated to the Green Bay Packers
and the right side to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  This way we cheer on both sides and can enjoy the game!

We shared those free printable Pennant banners here.

In the center of the table, we had our Root beer bottles.
To help each of our guetss to identify their drink, we made labels with a football background.  Each label has a different football position on it.

Behind these we had the football teams facing off in Jello Jiggler helmets.  We made each of the helmets in the team colors to cheer on each team.

For each side of the table, we made Football themed cake pops.  You can find our directions here.

We also had colored M&Ms in both team colors, with Hershey kisses mixed in.  On the bottom of the kisses, we made labels with each team's logo.

We also had candy bars with our Football Hershey Wrappers in the Steelers team colors and the Packers team colors.

We had popcorn in mason jars with team colored wrappers around the outside.

We also had cupcakes and sugar cookies on each side of the table.
The cupcakes were dressed in football helmet wrappers to look like the Steelers football players and the Packers football players.

To finish off the Sweets table, we made our favorite chocolate covered oreos in football shapes.

and Pudding cups!
For the pudding cups, we used Pistachio pudding for the green and then died some cool whip yellow.  We layered the cool whip in the center of two layers of pudding for a green and yellow effect.

I can't wait to dig in now!  I'm ready to sit back, eat some sweet treats, cheer me some football, and enjoy some great commercials!  How about you?


  1. Wow! You know how to throw a party! It makes me ALMOST interested in football! ;)

    Everything looks GREAT! So fun!

  2. Great food ideas! Thanks so much for sharing these. :)

    The Gift Closet