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Snow Winter Subway Art Free Printable

I have COMPLETELY fallen in love with the new trend of Subway art. What a fun, unique "artsy" way to decorate.

So I had to make some Winter Snow subway art for my "Let It Snow" winter party. This will sit so beautifully on the table with all my snowman decorations and bring in a nice touch to the room.

And now, I'm sharing my creation with you! I can't wait to hear how you use this in your winter decorating!

UPDATE: I just had to share the results of how this turned out!  Isn't it cute?  You can't tell but the snowflakes in the corners have a sparkle glitter on them that really shines in the light beautifully. 



  1. VERY FUN! And I LOVE how you put snowflakes on the frame! PERFECT TOUCH! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is so cute. I love love love snowflakes and snowmen but not the snow. I was one Utahn very happy to have had a green Christmas. So the kids say to repent for my naughty green Christmas wish. so I decided to create this and leave my snowmen up until at least Easter. Need the jpeg file if you have one. Thanks