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Snowman Candy Party Favor Ideas

So our Snowman party is well on it's way...
Today I wanted to share a few ideas of some cute party favors for your own Snow party.

The cutest and fastest way to make a candy party favor is to dress up your favorite candy as a Snowman.  The easiest way to do that is to measure your candy and cut a piece of paper to size.  Then wrap the paper around your candy to form a snowman.  Draw a cute face, and WALA! You have a snowman.

If you don't want to try this on your own, here are a few cute ideas we have in our etsy store.

Snowman Hershey Candy Bars

Snowman Hershey Candy Bar Sliders

Snowman Lifesavers

Snowman Gum Head

Snowman Gum Favor

Snowman Notebook

Snowman Hershey Kiss Candy Tent

Snowflake Cupcake Wrapper

Snowman Coaster Set

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