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Shout Out Sunday

Here are some great party and decorating crafts that I've found this week and had to share.

"A Pretty Life In The Suburbs" shared these cute Valentine Lollipop Pot decorations for the front of your porch!  I just love how quick and easy these are.  And they are versatile with a great POP of impact for your holiday or party.

"Kristy Makes" made these dramatic Glitter Cups.  Wouldn't they be great for a little girls Princess or Rock & Roll party? (I'm planning a "Miss America Birthday" right now and I think these would be GREAT!)

"Allisons Wonder Scraporium" made these yummy Heart cupcakes with Strawberry Laffy Taffy Butter cream.  I have always wanted to know how to bake a shape into a I know!  And it looks so easy.  (Plus, I totally can't wait to try that Laffy Taffy Butter cream frosting.  I totally CRAVE butter cream frosting!)

"Confessions of a Plate Addict" made this Mickey Mouse Wreath for her grandson's birthday.  Isn't it AWESOME?!?!  I think you could make one of these for just about any party theme pretty easily.  And what an amazing way to let your guests know they are at the right party?  WOW!

"Joys Hope" shared the DIY on these Tiered Trays she made from Dollar Tree finds.  Don't be surprised if you see these on my next dessert table!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my wreath! Wow! Some great ideas...I'm off to explore!...hugs...Debbie

  2. wow! thank you so much for stopping by & leaving me a sweet comment, as well as featuring me.. i think these would be PERFECT for a miss america party! how fun!!

  3.'re so sweet :) Thanks for the feature - I'm your newest follower!