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A Sneak Peak

I want you all to meet my little devil, ummm, no my sweet little Daredevil.  This is my 10 year old son.  He suffers from ADHD pretty badly and as such it causes him to make a lot of rash choices that get him in a little bit of trouble sometimes.  It doesn't help that he has a streak of danger in him.  He loves to Skateboard and wants me to buy him a 10 foot high half pike ramp.  Uhh...No.

Anyway, my little Daredevil has a soft side.  He loves to bake.  He dreams of opening a Brownie Shop someday.  Much like the cupcake stores that are so popular today, he wants to focus entirely on brownies.  That's a great idea, except that he is much like me, we like the Basics.

We like the boring old ice cream flavors (my favorite is Chocolate Chip), we don't like hot and spicy (our favorite dinner is plain Enchiladas), and our favorite cookie is our homemade Chocolate Chip.  No surprises for us.  We like the boring flavors. 

So it's been interesting trying to encourage him in his Brownie Shop dream without trying to brake some harsh reality into his life.  Instead we try and find new ways to enjoy brownies and shake things up a little, while still enjoying the basic flavor.  And....I let him do all the brownie baking in our home.

So yesterday he whipped up these....
and today while he's at school, I'm going to finish them off into the cupcake burgers for tomorrow's party.  Should be interesting.  A little bit of flavor and a lot of fun...I hope.

Here's a sneak peak of some of the other treats I need to get on the ball and finish today...
Jello Jigglers

Chocolate Oreos

Pudding Cups

Candy Bar

So I guess I'd better get moving.  Party's tomorrow.  (I have to keep telling myself that. YIKES!)
Party's tomorrow.
Party's Tomorrow!

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