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Chef Cooking Party Favors

I apologize for the lateness of this post.  It's just been "one of THOSE days".

"Mini-Me" (my 6 year old son) was diagnosed with Asthma recently and it has really affected him...and me, in that I worry all the time.  I'm sure that when I get this thing figured out, I'll be less stressed and worried, but we haven't gotten there yet.

Instead, I worry.

He has gotten pnemonia the past 2 Springs, and I'm trying to head it off this year, by being pro-active and making him take it easy.  Yesterday he spent more time in the nurse's office than he did in class, and today when he woke with a slight fever, I kept him home.

So instead of tackaling the HUGE "to-do" list that I had today, I spent the day watching Pokemon, Agent Oso, and the gang from Madagascar.  But more stressfully, I spent the day taking his oxygen number and giving him breathing treatments.

So I didn't get as much done for tomorrow's party as I'd hoped.

I had planned to give you this huge post on my awesome party favors, but I didn't get them done.  (Hopefully I will before the party tomorrow, but we'll see how he feels in the morning.)

Instead, I'm giving you a few ideas of things that you can use for party favor for your own cooking party, and maybe post-post (after I actually get this posted, like tomorrow) I'll add a picture of my party favors.

If you are looking for some great party favors for your next cooking or baking party, I'm working on some great personalized items that you can use.

I (will add soon) these great candy bars that can be personalized with each guest's name.
These candy bars are available in both the Hershey size and a smaller size (they weigh the same as a Hershey bar, but are only 4 inches long by 2 inches wide!)  The smaller size is made by a yummy candy store, The Chocolate Box (my parent's own the store)  The chocolate is amazing! and because we make them, we can sell them for only $1.00 each.

We also have many styles of personalized name plaques, expecially several that have a kitchen theme.  You can add each guest's name to the plaque and send them home with a truley unique gift, or you can do as Chicy Creations did (one of our Shindig Saturday party favor winners) and add a saying such as "Kiss the Cook".

In fact, I liked this idea so much, I'll be adding this style with our cute Italian chef to our decorative wall plaques very soon!

We also have several styles of recipe books that you can give as a gift to each of your guests.  I plan to do this myself.  Each guest is supposed to bring several copies of their recipe, so we can share.  So each guest needs a cute place to put all those recipes!

Lastly, don't forget the great idea of giving your guests a Chalkboard Charger as a party favor.  This works as both a party favor and a part of the tablescape.  You can check out how to make these HERE.

Good luck on making your own party favors!
I know it takes a lot of work, and some healthy kids.

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear about his asthma... hope he's better already!!!