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Chef Party Luncheon

Despite "Mini-me" being home sick today with the continuation of his asthma flaring up and yesterday's sickness, today was the party.  He was feeling well enough this morning to allow us to run to the store to get the last minute fixins.

To start off I used red tablecloths that I bought from Walmart clearance section at Christmas time.
For the place settings, I used the chalkboard charger I made HERE, a white dinner plate from my kitchen cupboard, and a red dessert/salad plate I purchased from Big Lots.  The napkin rings were the set that I made HERE and I just printed out a red with white polka dot strip of paper to wrap around and cordinate.

For the centerpiece area, I used recipe books from my extensive and never used collection.  On top I used a vase with a strip of cordinating paper around the outside.  I looked EVERYWHERE to find white vases and couldn't find any, so I ended up making these.  Inside the vases, I placed wooden and black kitchen spoons and utensils as decoration.  I used 2 of these on each end of the dinner table.

In the very center of the table, I used a cupcake display tray that I made.  It has a white bowl on a black base.  Inside the bowl, I placed a bed of romain lettuce with various peppers and tomatoes.  It turned out really nice in person!

Because we were moms, we had several small kids at the party too.  I didn't want them to feel like they had to sit on their mother's lap the whole time, so I made a kids table too. (I just forgot to take a picture.)

I took a board and placed it over the ottoman in my living room.  Then I covered it with a matching tablecloth.  This allowed the kids to stand and eat at a table that was just their size.  (I know my kids never like to sit still to eat, so this allowed them to graze on their lunches while they played.)

I set up a huge table for the pot luck food to be placed on. 
Behind the table I used a black sheet table cloth (my favorite you know) as a backdrop.  In the center of the backdrop, I hung the banner sign that I made HERE with "yummy" written on it.

Although I had plates for the moms, I needed them for the kids too.  So I used some divided plates that we use when we go to picnics in the summer.  They were sturdy and allowed the kids to section their food.

I also used the printable that I shared HERE for silverware for each of the kids.  Inside I put a fork and a spoon.  Behind that I put some water bottles and soda inside a bed of ice which was sitting in our Lasagna pan.  The pan was sitting on more cookbooks for height and decoration.

The dessert table was smaller than most of mine because I didn't want it to be the center of attention.  I wanted that to go to the pot luck food table, since this was where everyone else would shine.
This table was a white bedsheet tablecloth with a piece of black fabric from my stash placed on top.
In the front, I hung the "sweets" banner that I made HERE.

For the treats, I made some bite sized Sugar Cookies,

Chocolate Covered oreos with our new white polka dot design,

Cake balls (placed on recipe books for height),
red M&Ms in chocolate bowls,
and chocolate frosted fudge brownies.

One of my favorite parts of the dessert table is the small chalkboard menu cards that I placed beside each dish describing what it was.  These turned out cute and were easy to make!

I did manage to finally finish the party favors too.

I bought oven mitts from dollar tree and inside each I put all the goodies that Philly creme cheese and House party sent me as well as a 4x6 photo book for recipes.

Lastly, we had a table to sit the props on for the Photo booth I made HERE.

I used the same jar that I made for the dinner table and a larger chalkboard sign for directions.

Then the kids had a lot of fun!

And so did the moms!


  1. What a fun time you all had and I got some great ideas for mini parties with my grandchildren this summer. Really cute.

  2. Cool thing for an enjoyable luncheon.

    Happy TS & great w/end ahead.


  3. Wow, love it!!! The Chocolate Oreos are my absolut favorites!!! They looks so special! Rita

  4. This just looks like a delightful time!

  5. Very cute idea for your Mom's and kiddies party. Very wise, to make a special place for the kiddies, so Mom's can get a break.
    Loved all the polka dot things you made it really dressed everything up.
    All looked very nice, and those sweets, oh my, do they look delectable.
    Blessings, Nellie