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Sweet Pennant Banner

Now that I have the menu worked out, I'm back to decorating today.

Since I'm going to have two food focus points...the luncheon potluck table and a small dessert table, I need two banners to go behind the tables.

I'm making one that says "SWEETS" for the dessert table and one that says "YUMMY" for the main food table.

It was pretty simple to make these super cute banners.

I started with red card stock, black card stock, and white card stock.

I had my Craft Robo cut out two sizes of triangles from the black and red card stock.

My word letters were cut from the white card stock.

Then I made these ruffled circles (there is probably a more technical name, but heck if I know what it is.)

Then I glued them all together.  Pretty simple.

To hang them on the ribbon, I cut 2 yards of my favorite small black ribbon.  (I use this stuff for almost everything.)  You can get it at Walmart pretty cheap.

Then I folded the ribbon and glued one pennant in the center.  I moved over an inch and glued the next on.  Then I repeated until all the pieces were glued on.

So cute!

If you're like me and need to know how to build one of the ruffled circles...they are pretty easy too.

Take one black piece of card stock and cut it in half along the long seem.

Then cut it in half along the long edge again.

Now glue 2 of the long, thin strips together. (Mine didn't totally match up, but it wasn't a problem.)

Start folding the cardstock into a fan shape.  You know, where you fold it about 1/2 inch and then flip it over and fold it the other way so it looks like an accordion.

Once you get to the end, place a lot of glue on one side of the folded paper.

Carefully pull it around until it's in a circle, using the glue to keep it in place.

Now glue the circle together.


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