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Jelly Bean Prayer and Printable

If you are still looking for a small gift or favor for your Easter party or Sunday School class,
here's a cheap, easy, and quick idea.

I don't know who wrote this poem...I think it's one of those that have circulated the web for years since I've had it for a VERY long time.

To make these all you need are:

3x4 inch bags (From Walmart or Craft Store...since you're going already.)
Jelly Beans (left over from Jelly Bean have some right?)

Print out Jelly Bean prayer and cut in between lines in center and between each jelly bean border.

Fold each prayer poem just above the title and the top of the bean border.

Add a handful of jellybeans to your zip baggie.
Be sure the jelly beans you are using have ALL the colors from the poem.  The Dollar Tree ones don't have purple, so you'll have to add those in or buy a different brand.

Place the bag inside the topper and staple it on secure.


  1. What a sweet idea, and a great poem, I just love a good printable!


  2. I like this idea - thanks for the printable