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Gift Idea Week: Brownie Treats & Gift Container

I have actually had my kids go to birthday parties where their friends made actual requests from me for their birthday gift.  One of "The Perfectionist's" friends asked for a bunch of Cake Pops for his gift and "The Drama Queen" had one of her best friends request some Chocolate Covered Oreos for hers. 

You see, I have a habit of sending treats to my kids' lunch tables every now and then and these special friends LOVE these treats and wanted a few all to their self!  I was happy to oblige, but admit it was hard to figure out how to send these gifts in a way that could be gift wrapped.

Sometimes when you are giving a gift, you want to give one of your Homemade Treats or Specialties but don't have one of those (UGLY) round, plastic containers they have all over at Christmas time.  (You know which one's I'm talking about right?) 

So instead, I searched around looking for a good container that was cost effective and able to be "up-styled" in a cheap, easy way.  I found these Store & See containers at Big Lots for 1.00 each which was pretty good!  They did have several different sizes, so if you are looking to give something larger, there are other options!

The containers came with these labels inside them, so I simple removed them and used them as a template.  Since the label was bigger than my 12 inch paper, I cut the label in half and cut 2 paper labels to glue together.

Since I save my paper scraps from every project, I had a lot of cute choices to line my container.

I did debate on whether to use my Xyron and make the label permanent inside the container.  I decided against it so the recipient could remove the label to wash it, but if you want to you can use the Xyron sticker/laminate cartridge.  Run your paper through the cartridge making the side you want to see through the sticker side...this allows you to stick it to the side of the container and have the back laminated so as not to get dirty.  (Does that make sense?)

This gift will be for the School Nurses at my kids' elementary school.  Both my younger boys take medicine alot at school and the nurses have been so great working with me and them to make it super easy.  So I wanted to make a sweet gift to say Thank You! 

I made a pan of brownies and cut them into small slices.  Then I melted some colored chocolate melts inside plastic decorating bottles.  (Note if you do this, DO NOT melt the chocolate inside the bottle with the Lid on! It will pop a hole in the side!!! Yea, don't ask me how I know this, *grin* but I do!)

We ended up just writing "Thank You" on the brownies, but you could do lots of different designs to really JAZ up your treats.  I love using the chocolate because it will harden and you can stack the treats, and it tastes REALLY good!

"Daredevil's" teacher is a BIG animal lover, so we bought some mini cookie cutters in animal shapes and decorated them to give to her.  The kids had fun with that!

If you decide to use cookie cutters, it's easiest to make Fudge-like brownies because they are thinner.  If you find the cookie cutter doesn't go all the way down the brownies or you come away with some of the side, a simple knife around the edge works easy!

These containers are beautiful, easy to make, and cheap for a great gift to give someone you love!


  1. Those brownies look really yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Would love to get those from a nice friend. :) Very cute.

  3. Great idea for a cute container! I also like the idea of decorating with melted chocolate in a bottle. Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!