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Gift Idea Week: Altered Composition Notebook

A useful gift is always one of the most appreciated gifts you can give! So giving a cute composition book which can be used as a notepad, a journal, an address book, or idea book is a great idea!  You can also use this idea to give a mini composition book which fits perfect in a purse, a car, or beside the telephone for a fun "thinking of you" gift.

Start by taking a regular composition book.  You can find these at most stores in the office supply aisle.  If you're thinking ahead, you can pick these up for $0.25 during the Back to School sales at Walmart and other stores.

Now find your favorite paper and grab your Modge Podge.  You can also use your tape gun or permanent cartridge on your Xyron machine, but I'll be using Modge Podge today.  (It's my friend this week!)

Cut two of the papers for the front and back of the book at 7 inches by 10 1/2 inches.

Modge Podge the front of your composition book with a thick coat of glue.

Lay your paper up against the edge of the black border making sure to center it on the notebook.  You will have a little bit of paper hanging off three of the edges, but this is okay!  Be sure to press the paper down securely to adhere it to the glue on the notebook.

Open up the book and trim the corner in a V-pattern.  (Not where my scissors are, they just got in the way.)  Cut where the edges start to round.  It's helpful to score the edges of your paper along the book line so it's easier to fold if you have heavy paper or card stock.

Modge Podge the edges of the book where the paper will fold over.  It's easiest to work in sections so that your Modge Podge doesn't dry before you are ready to fold.

Start with the corners and fold them in.

Fold the bottom up and then the side.  You will need to place a little bit of Modge Podge in the corners to make sure the paper glues down onto the corner and bottom edges.

To make the book look more "finished" cut a coordinating piece of paper 7 1/2 inches by 9 3/8 inches.  This size will allow you to see a little of the front paper around the edges, so if you don't want that, re size it bigger or smaller.  When your paper is cut, Modge Podge the inside of the cover and place the paper inside making sure to press securely. 
Let the paper dry.

If you like your paper alot, you can leave it like it is and give as a gift.
But if you have some talent, or purchase some cute paper crafting accents, you can embellish your altered composition book to match your gift recipient or any theme.

Here are some really cute examples from fellow bloggers...

(Don't you just LOVE the side tabs? Such a great addition!)