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Oh The Places You Will Go Party Invitation

Since Dr. Seuss' book Oh, the Places You'll Go! is so unique and fun,
I tried to come up with an invitation to send out for our Graduation party that was just as clever and different.

I came up with a folding sign post invitation.
Each of the colored arrows is pointing a different way with the party information.

Although, this invitation isn't hard to make, it's kind of hard to tell you how to make it, so bare with me....

Import the invitation graphic into your favorite graphics program.
Add your party information.
I used the Dr. Seuss font from Web Font List to write my details.
Print and cut out your invitation.

This is the tricky to explain part...
I don't think you have to be exact in your placement folds, but this is a general outline.

Fold your paper backwards just below and above the outer most signs.

The back of your invitation will look like this.

This will be the view of the front.

Now open your invitation back up and carefully fold the inside of the bottom of the invitation so the top of the arrows is at the center of the page.  (Could I make that any muddier for you?)

Do the same with the top half so the two arrows and sign posts meet in the middle.

This will be what the back looks like, so hopefully you will be able to understand.

I continued on by making an envelope to match the invitation.

I used the Envelope template from JersGirl.
I imported it into my graphics program and added the circle background to try and match the cover of the "Oh The Places You'll Go" book.  (I'm afraid it looks a little psychedelic though, what do you think?)
I had to make the envelope pretty big since my finished invitation is almost 5 x 4 inches...so it was a tight squeeze onto the page, but it worked.

And now I have a cute invitation and matching envelope!
In case you want to make one too, here are the printables for you to add your information to:

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