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Sugar Cookies & Swagbucks

I'm planning to make some Sugar Cookies in the shape of Hot Air Balloons, Trains, and Cars for my "Oh The Places You'll Go" Graduation party.  Seems to me that a transportation theme in the treats will really fit well.  I'm not the greatest in making sugar cookies...if you remember this post you'll already know that.

But I like to bake and my kids like to decorate, so we do well together.
I envision our cookies looking as good as these.

Wow.  Right?
Yea, that's what I envision my cookies looking like.
In reality we'll probably end up more like this....

But a girl can dream, right?

So while I was working this morning, I ran across this video on Swagbucks TV.

I'm really not a HUGE Alton Brown fan, but I like to have Swagbucks running in the background while I work on special orders.  It gives me extra Swagbucks and sometimes I even learn a thing or two.

Search & Win

If you haven't checked out Swagbucks yet, I HIGHLY recommend it!
They give you "swagbucks" for searching the web, buying things, or even just watching Swag TV.
Then you can use those swagbucks to purchase fun products.
I have always just purchased Amazon Gift Certificates since that allows me to buy whatever I want.
I have actually made about $50 already this year in gift it's TOTALLY worth it.
You can check it out HERE.

And like I said, sometimes you actually learn a thing or two...
I'm pretty sure after hearing Alton's tips and tricks my cookies are going to be right up there with

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