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White Chocolate Popcorn Candy Cones

All the little fairies at our Tinkerbell party are going to enjoy having their own little treat candy cones to carry around at the party.  I made these cute Tinkerbell candy cones and filled with white chocolate popcorn for the party favor table...which seems to quickly be turning into a dessert and favor table.  I guess I just can't seem to stay away from all the yummy treats out there. (At least that explains my waistline issues..)

I have always wanted to try and make White Chocolate popcorn, but haven't done it despite my husband's urging. (It's one of his favorite treats he tells me....for the first time after 16 years of marriage. Huh!?!?)
So I made it today...and WOW!  It is good.  I think the kids will really enjoy it, and if not, apparently I know someone who will take all the leftovers.

I started off by making a batch of regular old popcorn.
I actually used my popcorn popper instead of microwave popcorn since I'd heard mixed things on using buttered popcorn in Chocolate covered popcorn.

I then took a package of white chocolate and separated it into 2 bowls.
I melted it in my careful if you do this, white chocolate seems to burn MUCH easier than milk chocolate.  Melt it on 50% power for 1 minute intervals, stirring between until melted.
I like to color my own chocolate so that I don't have to purchase the colored bags of chocolate for just a few pieces of pink or purple chocolate.
I purchased Wilton Garden Candy Color Set and use it to die my chocolate.  Be sure what ever you use doesn't have water in it since that will ruin your chocolate.

When both my popcorn and chocolate was ready, I put half of the popcorn into a paper bag and poured the pink chocolate on top.

I closed the bag up and shook....and shook...and shook.

I'll admit, I did pour a little more chocolate on it at this point since it kind of looked like someone had sneezed all over the popcorn and there were only splatters of color.  I also decided I liked it with ALOT of chocolate on the popcorn.

When it was done I poured it on my Pampered Chef stoneware bar pan (had to throw that in there since I love this pan so much and would recommend it to everyone!) and refrigerated it until firm.

When it was ready, I added some of the pink and some of the purple popcorn to each of the candy cones.
The cones were then put into a green foam block to stand on the table ready for little hands to enjoy.



  1. The chocolate popcorn sounds delicious - sweet and salty can't be beat, right? The cones are adorable, love the ribbons trailing! You did a great job! I'm "following" you from Making the World Cuter linky party, and would love a "follow" back if you have time. Thanks!


  2. Looks yummy! The little fairies will love it!