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Woodland Fairy Cupcake Stand

When I started planning this party, I had every intention of having a Cupcake Fondue at the party.
I've wanted to do one ever since I first saw the idea from Bake It Pretty.
But after giving it a lot of consideration, we decided that it wasn't the right treat for our Tinkerbell fairy party.  It might get just a little TOO messy with little, sticky fingers everywhere.

So instead, we decided to go with cupcakes and other treats.
(You saw my Chocolate covered popcorn right? SO YUMMY!)

But I didn't want a traditional cupcake stand since it wouldn't go with the woodland theme I was shooting for.  I was a little stumped....until I went grocery shopping yesterday.

While shopping I found the current issue of Parent's magazine.  I don't usually look at this magazine since my kids seem a little old for the target audience...but the cover caught my eye and inside I found this beauty...

So I set out to make my own.

I started by buying these wood pieces at Hobby Lobby
(30% off right now in the unfinished wood section)

Then I bought this wood grained type paper
(Can you tell despite bad photography?)
(4/$1.00 at Jo-Anns this week)

And went shopping in my pantry for these 4 "beauties"

Put them all together to form this cupcake stand!
It looks pretty cool in person.

Now I can't wait to go try some of those cute Mushroom cupcakes to go with...

Yea! time to go bake!!!

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  1. OMG this is the most darling thing I ever saw. Can't wait to see the cupcakes with it! Are you doing the mushroom look, like the pic?