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Shindig Saturday Weekly Linky Party #17

Today is the big day for the Alice in Wonderland birthday party that I have been OBSESSING over for the past few weeks.  I feel like I have alot of it ready to go, but I'm sure I'll be stressing all day over the hundred little things that I forgot.
I am so thrilled with all the wonderful comments left this week on my Wonderland projects.  Especially the Teapot Chandelier.  It was such fun to make that and I it makes my heart warm to see all the nice comments that everyone left me.  Thanks so much!  I hope the birthday girl likes it as much.  I did add some bling to it and admittedly still have it hanging in my living room trying to see if it's enough or not.  Hopefully I'll be able to share pics tomorrow.

I may actually take the morning off from stressing and go garage sale-ing (never quite figured out how to spell that it saling?? is it saleing?? it just doesn't look right either way.) 
I really don't buy anything usually.  There's not a lot of point when I'm getting ready to move and am downsizing...but I enjoy going with my friends and just looking for the unexpected find.  Occasionally I'll actually find some boys' clothes that my boys will ACTUALLY wear...or something that I just can't live without...but it's rare.  But I do it anyway.  It's fun.
Another fun thing is to give away party favors!
This week's blog winner of the Twilight coaster set is
Ladybird Lane who shared her Dad's Day Printables just in time for Father's day.  For those of you (like me) who haven't gotten the father's day thing done yet (I may have to swing by the store on my garage sale journey)...this may be the perfect way for you to make a great card or how about a t-shirt for the Super man in your life.  I wonder if I can fit this on a tackle box or hat for my hubby?  He'd LOVE it...there seems to be a superman obsession with the men in my family so this is perfect!

In fact, Ladybird Lane has a few good ideas for a last minute father's gift.  This Photo Collage Pillowcase would be a great gift for any dad...especially one on the go for military or work trips.  And while you're making one pillow, add another pretty one and join the Pillow Fight over at Ladybird Lane.  She's joining in a wonderful cause to donate pillowcases to charity.  Read about it HERE.  My daughter and I just made pillowcases yesterday (for the sack races at the party.)  It was a wonderful experience and my daughter had a fun project.  I think I'll have her make a few more and donate it to Malynn's goal.

While we are doing that...let's get this Linky Party started.
This week's featured party favor is new to our store...
If you haven't see these before...they are a new CRAZE running through the party scene.  They are containers much like the Push Pops you had from the ice cream man as a child, except that these pops are to be filled with mini cupcakes for a yummy treat.  They are perfect for a sweet treat at birthday parties because the little ones can walk around with their cake and not worry about having cake everywhere.  They also allow you to display your cake in a fun way on your dessert table.  And if you add a cute personalized sticker to the front, you can add a whole new level of unique to your birthday cake!

Now show us your newest party or fun creations by sharing your favorite party themed craft, table scape, photo, favor, or whatever! I'm pretty flexible since just about everything can be used at a party...that's the great thing about us moms! We can see the potential in ANYTHING!
Linky Party Guidelines:
* Link up to your OWN project post, not just your blog, but your actual post. (We want to see it!)
*Grab a Shindig Saturday button for your post or blog page. (Hey, it benefits us all!)
*Stay and enjoy the party by visiting and commenting on other's projects. (It's fun to mix and mingle!)


  1. Wow, thanks so much for the feature, you made my day! Thanks for hosting, have a great week!


  2. Looking forward to the Alice in Wonderland party pics!