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Gifts for the Princess and Siblings

As a gift for our sweet little princess, I am making this Princess Personalized Name plaque for her nursery. It's straight from our online store and will sit perfectly on her room door.

The plaque is a 3x6 inch ceramic tile with a permanent sticker on the front.  This will allow it to weather the storm as she grows older and let her be Daddy's little princess for years to come.

And to try and avoid the sibling rivalry that sometimes comes with having a new baby in the house, I made a personalized name plaque for her older sister and brothers too. This will allow them to get a fun gift at the Welcome Baby Shower.

Her older sister is really into Harry Potter right now, so we made this Gryffindor name plaque for her.

Her 7 year old brother is really into Star Wars, so I made a Light saber name plaque for him.

Her other little brother is 3 and into Dinosaurs, so this Brontosaurs name plaque is for him.

What do you think of giving gifts to the older siblings at a baby shower?  Is it a good idea or not?

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