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Splish Splash Birthday Invitation

In planning our party, we wanted to invite and encourage excitement for the party by creating a fun we decided to make Water Balloon invitations with the information inside the balloon.

To do this, I started by using a plastic lid and cut out a rectangle for the information.  I used the plastic so it wouldn't be ruined when it got wet.

But after doing that for the first invitation, I found my hubby had thrown my excess lids away (why do I always have a hundred until I need them?)  So I decided to use a cup from the movie theatre. (Is it bad that we have a hundred of these?)

I cut the cup in half...

Then cut it into 3 inch pieces.

Then I cut it into 2 1/2 inch rectangles.

On this plastic, I wrote the party information.

Then I rolled it up into as small a roll as I could get,

and inserted it into the balloon.  I had to use a 7 inch balloon so it would be big enough to fit the information.  It was a little difficult, but I squeezed it in.

Then, I filled up the balloon with water.

As you can see, the invitation information is floating around inside.

On the front of the balloon, I wrote a little poem ditty so the guests would know what to do with the water balloon.  It reads:

Splish Splash
Join us for Zach's 7th
Birthday Bash!
(details inside)

When you write on the balloon, be sure it's dry and to use a permanent marker.

Zach wanted to see how it worked, so we let him pop a balloon as a trial.  It worked beautiful, and now he can't wait to spend tomorrow giving out the invitations to all of his friends!

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  1. That is a fabulous idea! I hope the party is a great time.