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Swimming Pool Cupcakes

Today was spent in the kitchen preparing lots of sweet treats for the party this weekend.    We dressed up ordinary yellow and chocolate cupcakes to look like little swimming pools to match our pool and water themed party.

We made several different styles of cupcakes using candy and Teddy Grahams.

We started by dressing the teddy grahams much like we did on the Rice Krispie Treats swimmers. They have Wilton Food Writer Edible Color Markers faces and melted chocolate swimsuits.

Then we used the candy we had on hand to make pool toys for the teddy bears.
I had Twizzlers, Starburst, and Peach Rings.

To make the Pool mats, I flattened a Starburst with my rolling pin and then rolled up the top.  I used a little bit of chocolate or frosting to glue the bear on top.

The Ring Floaties are Peach Rings with the Teddy Graham nestled inside.

The Beach balls are starburst cut in half and rolled into a ball.

The pool noodles are the colored Twizzlers cut into thirds and placed beside or wrapped around the Teddy bear.

The last cupcake is a swimmer and for this one we used one of the Teddy Grahams that had his arms up and placed him at a slant into the blue water frosting.

Pretty simple, but super cute!