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Water Party Games

With temperatures feeling like 115 degrees here in town today, I know I'm certainly looking forward to playing in the water tomorrow.  While we have a large above ground pool, an 18 foot water slide rented, and a (pretty sad) PVC pipe Sprinkler system, we want to have LOTS of water games planned to keep our guests nice and cool in the summer heat.

Here are a few we have planned...

Limbo:  I plan to take one of our PVC pipes drilled with holes and attach a water hose to it.  The kids can then play limbo under the water stick.  I imagine the ground will get pretty wet and slippery and make it a little harder for the kids to limbo.

Counting Ice Cubes:  I plan to place 2 bowls inside a ring floatie so it sits on top of the water.  Then we will separate the kids into two teams.  I will dumb a large container of ice cubes into the pool and each team will have to collect the ice cubes into their bowl.  The team with the most cubes in their bowl wins.

Cold Potato:  This will be much like hot potato with the kids all sitting in a circle tossing the "potato" around the circle.  The "potato" will actually be a water balloon with a small leak inside it.  The child that has the balloon when the water runs all out is out.

Slip and Slide Bowling:  I plant to make 10 bowling pins out of half full water bottles.  The kids will be able to bowl themselves down the slip and slide and see who can knock down the most pins.  The child who knocks the most down the most wins.

Toss the Penny:  I bought several dollars worth of pennies and a few dollars of nickles, dimes, and quarters.  I will toss them into the pool and let the kids dive for the money.  Whatever change they find, they get to keep.

Water Balloon Toss:  The kids will be paired up and stand facing each other down a line.  Each pair will get a water balloon and have to toss it to his or her partner.  If the balloon is caught successfully, the pair will each take a step backwards and throw again.  The last team with a water balloon wins.

Water Gun Fight:  I found 4 packs of water guns at Dollar Tree so I plan to place several buckets around the yard for easy filling.  Each child will get a water gun and be allowed to shoot to their hearts content.  In some of the buckets, I will also place a few soaker balls for extra ammunition.

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