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A Night At The Waskers

If you've ever read my profile "About Me" page, you will know that I am the daughter of a party planning queen.  Many of my birthdays were amazing, over the top fun, but one that I remember as being an ultimate show was my 16th birthday.  For my party, my friends and I had a Murder Mystery role playing game.  I can't quite remember what the theme was, except it was supposed to be at a movie premier of dinner party, so my mom went over the top with decorations and food.  I wish that blogging had been around then so I could have the party documented, but unfortunately, it is only in my memory now.

In planning a party for my dear friend, I decided to try and recreate the glitz and glamor of that night.  After all, my friend LOVES Hollywood and would have a blast with playing a snoopy Gossip Columnist who is right in the thick of things digging up the dirt on a murder.

So I searched the net and found exactly the party I was looking for at

While we haven't played this game yet, so a true review is kind of hard, after reading the paperwork within it, I am super excited.  We have all the makings of a fun Hollywood glam event.

The game comes with everything you need to create a great murder mystery including Character information, notes to help you know when to play certain clues and helps, prop lists, suggestions from other hosts, and more.

If you aren't into Hollywood, Host-Party has LOTS of other games that you can use for a unique birthday party including Colorado Bones and the Temple of Death, The Great Chocolate Mystery, and The Mystery of the Vanishing Vampire

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