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Back to School Apple Wreath

I have a horribly blank wall in my front room.  There is no color, no decoration, no "pizzazz."  So I like to add a fun wreath for each season or holiday I decorate for.  Since we are in the Back to School mode, I made this cute Apple Wreath from plastic canvas.

I started by designing an apple pattern in my Plastic Canvas Design Studio Software.  If you are a plastic canvas lover, this software is pretty fun and amazing to have.  You can import a picture and turn it into a design that's easy to sew.

I cut out 7 apples and 7 backs.  (The apples are stuffed so they don't look so "flat".)  3 of the apples I sewed with a basic continental stitch using apple red yarn.  4 of the apples I redesigned into a slanting goblin stitch.

Then I sewed the brown apple stem on each of the apples.  Once the brown fill stitch was completed, I joined the front sewn apple to a back blank apple.

I joined the apple together with the red for 3/4 of the apple.

Since I wanted my apples stuffed, I placed 3 cotton balls inside the apple and finished joining it together.

Once I had all the apples sewn, I used the other half of my 9 inch embroidery hoop from my Firecracker and Star Patriotic Wreath and glued the apples in a circle around it.

I finished the wreath off with a red and gold glitter wire bow.

It turned out pretty cute and certainly made my wall look a lot more festive!

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  1. What a smart idea to use the plastic canvas! Cute apples. Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!