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Easy Football Party Treats

I don't know if I'm the only one who has a bag of plastic Easter eggs sitting in my attic.  I admit, I NEVER throw anything away.  I have all kinds of stuff that I'm too cheap to buy again so I reuse year after year.  Easter Eggs are one of those things.

So when I started thinking about football party treats for our birthday party, my mind wandered to the shape of the Easter eggs and started playing with ideas.

I ended up taking two of the long ends and spray painting them brown.  Since the two sides don't attach together, I put a small piece of glue on the inside to hold them together (my dumb camera didn't record all these fun steps, so use your imagination here.)

Then I cut a 2 inch piece of white electrical tape.  I cut the tape in half length wise and used that to hold the ends of the "football" together.  The other half was cut into 2 one inch lengths and placed crosswise to form the laces of the football.

Quick, easy, and cheap.  Gotta love party treats and favors like that!

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