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Football Wine Glass Markers

One of the biggest problems I have encountered at parties is people forgetting which cup is theirs, so they get a new one.  By the end of the night, there are 2000 cups laying around half drunk.  As a mom (and the one who does the dishes), this REALLY bugs me.

At our house we've tried to eliminate this problem by using wrist stretch bands on cups.  Everyone gets a new cup every day and they have to put a band on that cup.  This way, there is only one cup per person and everyone knows which one is their cup.  Solves ALOT of problems and anxiety for me.

But at a party, those bands aren't as pretty, or theme conscious as I'd like, so I made up some NFL Football glass markers for our football party.

Once you can find the needed ingredients, these are very easy to make and the possibilities for themes are ENDLESS.

Start with:
25 mm Stemware Hoop
Round Bail Plate
(I found both of these in the silver area of the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby)
Epoxy Stickers (found these in scrap booking section near the bottle caps and brads)
Small selection of colored beads
1 inch punch
3/4 inch graphics

Find whatever graphic you would like and print it so it will fit comfortably inside a 1 inch circle.  You can use any theme here or even pictures of your guests.  Using your inch circle punch, center the graphic and cut it out.

Take your sticker and very carefully place it over the front of your circle so it protects the design.  It's really not as hard as it sounds to get it center and it was pretty forgiving in moving it if needed.

This sticker will protect the design from most 'man-handling' and problems but won't make it water proof since the back is still open, so keep that in mind.

Place a good amount of glue on the front of your bail plate and glue the plate to the upper center back of your graphic.

Choose matching colored beads and string them around your stemware hoop.  I did have to bend my wires to be able to fit the beads on, but that was easy with a pair of pliers.  In my NFL markers I used the team colors for beads, but you could also go with your party colors.

Now each person can mark their cup with a different team marker, so no more lost or confused glasses!

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