Football Helmet Cupcake Printable

One of my passions (but unfortunately not skills) is cupcakes.  I admit, I'm not a huge fan of the different flavors, but I love fun cupcake designs.  Especially ones that are decorated to match party themes.  I've done alot of surfing on Pinterest and Flickr looking for fun ideas.
Since I told you I don't have any decorating skills and I don't like the taste of fondant, I look for ideas that use candy, decorating, and paper in fun and easy ways.  When I found these cupcake helmets, I couldn't get over what a fun and genius idea.
You can buy these from  They are pretty cheap for only 0.79 each and you can print them as needed.

I loved this idea but wanted to make some of these to fit the mini cupcakes (which are so much smarter in a cupcake if you ask me!  After all, this way you get a bunch of different flavors/designs in a single manageable bite.)

 To make these I went to a free clip art website called  There I searched football helmets and came up with a bunch of helmet silhouettes in different colors.

 I copy and pasted them into my favorite clip art program.   I sized my helmets to be 4 inches wide by 3.5 inches long.  Then I pasted a white circle where I wanted my cupcake to go.  My circle was 1 3/4 inches in diameter, but you may need to re size depending upon your cupcake size. 
When I was ready, I printed and cut out my helmets, making sure to cut (or use a hole punch) the white circle in the helmet.

Then I mini sized cupcakes and slipped my cupcakes into the printable.  Now I have bite sized helmets to match my football party theme!
If you want to use these mini football helmet cupcakes, you can make your own or here are the helmets I made in my local school colors.

Black and Gold helmets
Purple and Gold helmets

Red and Black helmets
Red and Blue helmets

Green and Yellow helmets