Shout Out Sunday

Here's some fun party ideas from fellow bloggers...

Lifes Simple Pleasures shared her Cowgirl party with this Cardboard Old West Town.  I love how fun this little town is.  What a great and easy idea for the perfect accent, play toy, and picture booth for a cowboy western party.

Blog 5 to 9 shared how to make her Batman Masks.  If you're having a superhero birthday party or have a little (or big) one being Batman this Halloween, this mask is perfect.  It's cheap and easy which is the best thing in a party favor!

Come Together Kids shared this Birthday Countdown Calendar.  I LOVE fun ways to countdown to different holidays and fun events.  This is a simple but GREAT way to countdown to a birthday.  I don't know why I haven't thought of or seen such a simple but elegant and fun countdown.

Story Crafting with Joy shared her Football Goal Post.  I'm in the middle of planning a football party and can't wait to use this either as a decoration on our dessert table or as a game for the kids.  It would be a fun game to have a kicking contest using these.  I can't wait!

My Creative Family shared her Driveway Obstacle Course.  This is such a great idea!  Sometimes its hard to come up with games and activities at parties and this would be such a simple and easy one.  Use your chalk and your imagination and you have a fun activity that can keep the kids busy and tired.