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Kicking Off Again...

I am so sorry for the lack of posts lately.  We came home from our house hunting trip and I got a little 'under the weather', to put it mildly.  I have REALLY been out of it and not gotten anything done and had a major lack of Energy.  But I am finally feeling better and am ready to Kick Off this next party theme with some real gusto.
"The Perfectionist" is turning 15 next month.  Since it will be the last time he sees many of his friends (at least outside of facebook), he wants to have a BIG birthday and good-bye party.  Since he's cool, he doesn't want a "mom" party. (Why are my kids so turned off by the big ideas I have?)  Instead he wants to have his friends over and just "hang" like at a tailgaiting party.
Of course, I'm okayed to provide the treats....(So very nice of him, huh?!?)  To try and get my creative juices flowing again, heres an Etsy Treasury full of dessert table ideas, football themed decorations, and lots of Red and Black to cheer the team on.

'Football Birthday Party' by ChocolateBoxTreats

All you'll need to throw a Touchdown for your child's birthday!

Football Chocolate Covered O...
Football Placemat Birthday P...
Personalized Aluminum Water ...
Football Helmet and Ball Scr...
GO DAWGS- Tailgaiting Party ...
Football Party Pinata
Football Baking Cups - Cupca...
Party Tubs- Personalized you...
8 Big Football Lollipop Suck...
My Little Quarterback Person...
Football thank you photo car...

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