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Inviting the Team

Despite the fact that my kids don't want my "involvement" in their teen parties, I am still required to provide invitations for this football birthday party.  I don't know if I'm the only mom, but I don't let my kids go to parties where there isn't some kind of invitation handed out.  I like to be able to know when and where the party is, and more importantly, be able to contact the parent should a problem arrive.  Maybe I'm weird that way, but it's how I "roll."

So in coming up with a fun invitation that is quick, easy, and "cool", we designed up these ticket stubs with all the information parents will need to know.

These invites are supposed to look like a ticket you would get to attend a sporting event.  We designed it in colors to match the local high school's colors, but can be designed in any color scheme desired.  The spaces between each block were used to add the party information and details.

These invites are quick easy and super cool for my teen's birthday.  And now we've added them to our online store HERE.  Currently we have a limited selection of colors, but will be adding more soon. So if you're interested and don't see the colors you want, let me know!

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  1. These are so awesome! A few years ago I looked all over for something like this and couldn't find it. Thanks so much for sharing! :)