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How to make a Severed Finger Halloween Party Invitation

Now this party invitation may be too much if you are inviting small kids to your Halloween party, but it certainly would be super fun for older crowds, especially teens!  I wish I could say I thought of it myself or have even done it, but I found it on Martha Stewart's page, so I can't claim it.
But if I were going to get to have a Halloween party this year (Darn moving!) and make a severed finger invitation for a spooky Halloween party, this is how I would do it. 

(And promise, I didn't mean to include so many links to Amazon, but they have it all!  I know when I'm working on a project, I need someone to tell me EXACTLY where to get the items I need...even down to the exact isle to buy it in.  I'm that lost sometimes.  So use the links or don't, they are just there for convenience.)
I would start by purchasing this Human Fingers Candy Mold from Amazon.  The mold contains both ways you can make the mold into a sucker and without.  To maximize efficiency in candy pouring, I'd tape off the ends where the suckers are so that none of the pieces have sticks. 

Now using some NON-WATER based food coloring, I'd pour all the pieces in a flesh colored white chocolate.

I would also buy this 1/2 Pound Candy Box while I was shopping at Amazon.  (I've seen them at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores, but I think the price at Amazon is pretty good.  Plus, it will help get your price up to the $25 free shipping limit.)  There are 5 in a package, so plan according to how many guests you need to invite.
Once I've put the box together and the fingers are ready, I would place some Krinkled White Shredin the base of the box.  I'm not sure if Amazon has a good price on this or not, since I usually buy mine from a wholesale supplier and have a ton sitting around for candy bouquets.  I know I've seen some at Dollar Tree and Walmart, but if you're still trying to reach the $25 mark for shipping, you might add this to your basket too.

To put my invitation together, I'd take the candy finger and tie a ribbon bow around it.  Now I'd place the finger on top of the shred and there's the main part of the invitation.

Now I made these text pieces to add the party information to.  You can download them and import them into your favorite graphics program, or just print them out and add your party details.  Once they are ready, cut them out and glue to the front of your box.

Now you have a great, unique, and super spooky Halloween party invitation!

Here's the printable with Haunted Halloween Party greeting:

Here's the printable without the Haunted Halloween Party greeting:

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