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Christmas Cupcakes

I absolutely LOVE to bake.  It's very soothing to me.  It makes me feel creative (even if it's the five hundredth time I've made the same dish.)  And I love to eat the finished product...probably more than I should sometimes. 

(Can't you tell from the goofy grin on my face?)

I was lucky enough to snag my sister in law's kitchen this thanksgiving and my niece and I made some yummy cake balls, so I'm not feeling totally deprived, but unfortunately, you can't bake much in a hotel. As much as the staff loves us here, I'm not sure how they'd feel about me taking over the kitchen for the day. 

So instead, I have to plan my holiday party and gift treats now so I can get busy as soon as we move in.  These are just a few of the cupcake ideas I've pinned for our Christmas party...

I love the simple elegance of these cupcakes from Sweet Scarlet's flickr stream.

These Rudolph Reindeer cupcakes from Welcome Sunshine Home would make a fun and easy addition for the kids.

Lula Loves has the right idea on the ratio of cupcake to frosting with these cute Christmas Tree cupcakes.

I personally can't wait to try all three of these.  I think after the lack of baking the last few months, everyone on my Christmas list will be getting some sweet treats this year!

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