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New Years Eve Bingo Free Printable

New Years Eve has never been my favorite holiday.
I really don't enjoy staying up late and standing around at parties trying to make small talk.  It's just not my thing.  I'd much rather be with close friends and call it a night early. (I know MAJOR party pooper here.)
Since we don't have any close friends yet, we are going to spend a quiet New Years Eve at home with the kids.  To try and make it a little more exciting for them, I have created a Bingo game based on important, fun, sad, big, and little events from 2011.  This will let us have fun while celebrating and remembering the year as we say goodbye.
I have been working on this Bingo idea for almost 2 weeks now, but have had major difficulties in getting it finished.  I just can't seem to get much done when the kids are home.  They are too excited to finally be in a house again and have all their stuff.  It seems that "my stuff" keeps getting lost under theirs.
Hopefully, this game isn't too late for you to enjoy at your New Years Eve celebration this weekend!

This download comes in a zip file for you to download and print immediately.  It contains 5 pages with 2 bingo cards on each for a total of 10 cards.  Also included are 3 pages of 20 popular top events of 2011.

These events include:
Osama Bin Laden's death, Google + Launched, Harry Potter films finish, Betty Ford dies, Japanese Tsunami, Terrorist attack in Norway, Charlie Sheen Rampage, Rep. Gifford shot, Royal Wedding, Casey Anthony not guilty, Steve Jobs dies, Deadly Tornado's, Iraq War Ends, Occupy Wall Street Movement, NASA retires Space Shuttles, US Debt rating lowered, Kardashian Wedding, Arab Spring, Kings Speech wins Best Picture, Green Bay Packers win Super Bowl
Super Committee Fails, Egyptian protests topple President, Japan's nuclear disaster, Penn State Scandal, US Government faces shutdown, Martin Luther King memorial dedicated, Royal Wedding hats, Ted Williams becomes a star, England's Newspaper phone tap scandal, Amy Winehouse dies, Hurricane Irene, Earthquake in New York, US hikers set free, Gay marriage legalized in New York, World didn't end, Race for the White House begins, Joplin MO tornado, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother book published, Pontiff John Paul II beatified, US Loses World Cup in Shootout
Gaddafi Killed, Angry Birds explodes gaming market, Netflix Debacle, Water on Mars, Oprah Winfrey Show ends, Regis Philbin retires, Schwarznegger divorice, REM retires, Amanda Knox freed, St Louis Cardinals win World Series, Dallas Mavericks win NBA championship, Boston Bruins win Stanley Cup, 9/11 Memorial dedicated, Elizabeth Taylor dies, Indiana State fair stage collapse, Conrad Murray found guilty, Unemployment hits high, Greece debt crisis, Facebook gets facelift, Lady Antebellum's Need You Now wins Song of the Year

It was kind of hard to figure out 60 events that weren't all depressing since it was such a hard year for so very many in the world, but I hope there is enough of a mix of fun and serious events to make it a Bingo game worth remembering as you say goodbye to a year many want to forget.

Download your FREE New Years Eve Bingo Printable HERE.

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  1. I love your bingo game! I always like to look back at the past year on New Years and this is a really fun way to do that!