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Angry Bird's Pig Dessert Treat

Normally, pig is not my favorite thing to eat.  Really.

Don't tell anyone but I really don't care for bacon (unless its cooked perfectly, and that's REALLY hard.)  I know, gasp...but it's not my favorite thing.

But these fun Angry Bird pig desserts are definitely on my list of desserts I can't wait to eat!
They turned out too cute not to want to eat them!

And they really were pretty easy to make.

I started with these votive candle holders from Walmart.  They were the smaller size, so they were only 0.60 each.  I cleaned them out pretty good.

I used my hole punches to punch out 2 3/4 inch size circles and 1 one inch oval.

I added a LITTLE dab of glue from my glue gun to make sure the placement of the eyes and nose were even and looked semi decent.  (The templates came off very easy once I was done with them.)

Using a thin dry erase marker, I outlined the templates so I'd know where to paint.  Then I painted the eyes white and used a sharpie to outline the eyes and the nose.  Finished the face up by adding nose holes and eye balls with black paint.

Then I tried adding some green Jelly Belly's but I think they were too dark.  If you like the lighter colored green beans, that would look great, or if you can find the green colored M&Ms add them to your Angry Bird Pig.

I like Pistachio pudding much better and it is the right shade of green, so I used that for my party dessert instead.

I can't wait to add it to the fun display I have planned to show you next week.  Or maybe I'll just eat it in the meantime...


  1. These are the cutest!!! My boss just upgraded to the Samsung galaxy II (from a Blackberry) and is now obsessed with Angry Birds! lol

  2. How very cute! I love it! I can't wait to see you finished party. My little guy had an Angry Birds Party in October, and it took a lot of work, but was a lot of fun. Have a great time! Your ideas are fantastic!


  3. How cute is this!! we love angry birds here at our house :) would like to invite to share this on Sharing Saturday -

    Have a Happy Day