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Lady Bug Cake Favors

I sat down this morning to write my post and got completely distracted by the thought of this cute ladybug!

She "slammed" into my thoughts and I just had to spend the day making her.  And despite the time, effort, and learning curve to design...I LOVE how she turned out!

This Lady bug is a set of 12 party favor boxes when set together correctly form a fun design to match your lady bug party theme.

And do you not just LOVE the way the side of the cake turned out?  I can't get over how cute the little bugs and different sized red and black dots look together.  So fun!

Okay, so I guess I'm done "patting myself on the back" and thrilling over this fun's how to make them.

Print out each of the 12 different boxes onto card stock.
Cut around the outside solid edges to make your cake pieces.

Using a dull knife and ruler, score along inside edges of slice and along dotted edges and tabs.
Be sure to cut slit in the back tab along the solid line.

Fold edges and cake pieces along scored lines.

Glue front tab and fold cake pieces together to form the front of the triangle.

Glue bottom tag and fold bottom together to form cake slice.

Fill each cake slice with candy or party treats.

Fold back tab into slit to close cake pieces.

Arrange cake slices into a circle shape with design showcasing a cute cake perfect for your next party!

Now each guest can take home a piece of the cake as a party favor!
Pretty easy with ALOT of impact.

You can purchase the cake download HERE
or have us do the hard work and purchase them to be mailed to your party HERE.

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